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Registering a Trademark Is Only Half the Battle

Once you have a trademark, you may be concerned that some registered trademarks are too similar to yours. If so, then our trademark monitoring services will allow you to keep an eye out for trademark filings by your competitors so that you can take action promptly.

Trademark monitoring services are different from comprehensive trademark search services, which only track the progress and status of a particular trademark application. If you are only concerned about your trademark at the moment, then a comprehensive trademark search service may be appropriate.

Why Do You Need Trademark Monitoring?

Simply put, we help you keep an eye out for competitors that may infringe your trademarks. By registering your trademark, you will be protecting your IP assets. However, holistic protection will require further steps, which includes monitoring trademark application worldwide. Deputy TM Solutions supports you in completing this vital task.

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Why Do I Need to Monitor Trademark Applications?

Trademark owners are responsible for enforcing their rights, which includes monitoring others’ use of marks that are similar to their own. The USPTO will only be responsible for registering marks and assessing applications. This also means that they might approve trademarks that you believe to be too similar to your own.
Deputy TM Solutions monitors your trademarks, so you have an opportunity to dispute the registration of similar trademarks or to watch out for infringements. Our teams also educate you on the several ways to dispute a marks’ registration.

Why Deputy TM Solutions?

Deputy TM Solutions registers your trademarks globally, however, protection can only be effective if we enforce against similar trademarks. We ensure that your brand and trademarks are truly unique and that they remain that way. Deputy TM Solutions will support you with trademark opinions and access to worldwide searches.

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Trademark Monitoring

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is trademark monitoring?

    Trademark monitoring is the process of ensuring that you retain the rights for your brand name or logo. Numerous companies believe that this service is not necessary since they use Google on a monthly or weekly basis. This is only effective against those parties that aren’t smart enough to register their trademark.

  • How can I find out whether someone else is using my trademark?

    Hire a professional to perform a ‘clearance search’. There are 2 basic kinds of clearance searches. The first one is called a ‘preliminary knock-out search’ whereas the second one is called ‘full search’. Each of them has a different purpose and each case will determine whether it needs one or both.

  • How do I contest a competitor attempting to register or using a similar trademark?

    If our trademark monitoring services alert you of your competitors filing potentially infringing applications, there are numerous ways to dispute their application. Since each situation will have its unique facts, you should pick an agency that specialized in trademark law. If you chose us, you’re in luck!

  • When should we consider trademark protection for your brand?

    Anybody that is introducing a new brand identity, or is planning on offering newly branded services or products, should take the necessary steps to protect their trademark.

  • How long will the registration process take?

    The answer to this question will differ from agency to agency and based on staffing changes and enhanced technologies at the US Patent & Trademark Office. If you’re asking us specifically, you can count on the entire application process to take from 9-to-12 months.

  • When can I use the ® symbol?

    If you have a federally registered trademark, you will be able to use the ® symbol. For every other mark, whether unregistered or registered, you will not be required to add a designation. However, we always advise mark owners to attach the ‘SM’ or ‘TM’ symbol to let the industry know that your company name, logo, or symbol is proprietary to your services or goods.

  • The young guns at Deputy TM Solutions did an stunning job in helping us register our trademarks and walking us through the entire process. They immediately replied to all of our concerns and were an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them!

    Mike Randell
  • Overall, Deputy TM Solutions did a great job in making our dreams into a reality. We are so glad that we decided to choose this agency over other law firms before there were zero red tape, total transparency, and our trademark was registered with little input from me.

    Ted Blunt
  • Our tech company has worked with Deputy TM Solutions for about 6 years now! As our legal advisors, we have been able to register 7 patents, out of which 6 have already been allowed/issued. Naturally, we already trust this agency for all of our future undertakings.

    Brad McEvoy
  • I recently started working with Deputy TM Solutions and have been extremely pleased with their services. Their customer service is above and beyond everything I expected. I highly recommend Deputy TM Solutions for everything related to trademarks and intellectual property protection.

    Jared Langley

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